Privacy Policy

Update in December 4, 2017

Bitlim is organised primarily to provide registered users with Bitcoin services. The services offered include the transfer of digital tokens known as bitcoins.We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it through means outlined within this policy.The policy sets out the different areas where user privacy is concerned and outlines the obligations & requirements of the users and the website.Furthermore the way this website processes, stores and protects user data and information will also be detailed within this policy.

1. Applicable Scope

This Privacy Policy applies to the following personal information of you:

a) The personal registration information (except the company name, other relevant business registration information and natural person operator information required by laws and regulations for disclosure) provided by you on Bitlim Service or other service platforms operated by Bitlim's affiliates when you are registering or activating an account where you can log in to Bitlim Service;

b) The information on your browser and computer, including but not limited to your IP address, type of browser, language used, access date and time, hardware and software feature information and the web records of your requests, which will be automatically received and recorded when you use the Bitlim Service or access to Bitlim webpage;

c) User's personal data obtained by Bitlim from a business partner through legal means.

2. Use of Information

Bitlim will not provide, sell or lease your personal information to, or share or trade it with any unrelated third party, unless Bitlim has obtained your prior permission, or unless the third party and Bitlim (including Bitlim' affiliates) individually or jointly provide service to you and such third party will, after the end of the service, be prohibited from accessing all such information that it has previously been able to access. Bitlim does not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or freely transmit your personal information in any way. If any Bitlim Service User is found to have engaged in aforesaid acts, Bitlim has the right to immediately terminate the service agreement with that User.

3. Information Management

Bitlim attaches great importance to your personal information and makes every effort to protect your right to access, correct and delete your personal information and withdraw any consent, so that you have the full ability to protect your privacy and security. Your rights include: accessing, correcting and deleting your personal information, changing the scope of your authorized consent or withdrawing your authorization, canceling your account. You can exercise the above rights through the user function in Bitlim Service. If you cannot exercise any of the above rights through user function, please contact Bitlim Customer Service immediately.

4. Information Disclosure

a) In the following circumstance, Bitlim will disclose your personal information, in whole or in part, in accordance with your personal wishes or legal requirements: disclosing your personal information to a third party based on your prior consent or in accordance with relevant agreement concluded with you (including the electronic agreement signed online and the corresponding platform rules) or other legal documents;

b) It requires the sharing of your information in order to achieve the core features of the Bitlim Service or to provide the services you need;

c) If you are a qualified IP complainant and have filed a complaint, your personal information will be disclosed to the respondent at the request of the respondent, so that both parties may handle possible disputes properly;

d) Your personal information may be disclosed to a third party or an administrative or judicial authority in accordance with relevant provisions of laws or the requirements of the administrative or judicial authority;

e) Your personal information may be disclosed to a third party, if you violate relevant laws, regulations or Bitlim Service Agreement or relevant rules;

f) It is necessary to share your personal information with a third party in order to provide the products and services you need;

g) In a transaction created on the Bitlim Service, if any party has fulfilled or partially fulfilled the transaction obligation and makes a request for information disclosure, Bitlim shall have the right to decide to provide the User with the necessary information such as the contact information of the counterparty to facilitate the completion of the transaction or the settlement of any dispute;

h) other disclosure that Bitlim deems appropriate in accordance with laws, regulations or service agreement.

5. Information Storage and Exchange

You understand and agree that your information and data collected by Bitlim will be kept on the servers of Bitlim and/or its affiliates, which may be sent to a foreign place other than your country or region or the place where Bitlim collects it, for the purpose of being accessed, stored and displayed.

6. Use of Cookies

If you do not reject cookies, Bitlim will set or access cookies on your computer so that you can log in or use the Bitlim services or features that rely on cookies. By using cookies, Bitlim can provide you with more thoughtful and personalized services including publicity services. You have the right to accept or reject cookies. You can refuse to accept cookies by modifying your browser settings. However, if you choose to reject cookies, you may not be able to log in or use those Bitlim services or features that rely on cookies. This Privacy Policy also applies to the information acquired through the cookies set by Bitlim.

7. Information Security

Your account in the Bitlim Service has security features. Please keep your account and password information properly. Bitlim will ensure that your information will not be lost, misused or altered through such security measures as backing up on other servers, encrypting user password. In spite of the foregoing safety measures, please also note that there is no "sound security measure" on the information network. When using the Bitlim Service for online transactions, you will inevitably disclose your personal information, such as contact information or postal address, to the counterparty or potential counterparty. Please protect your personal information and provide it to others only if necessary. If you find your personal information is leaked, especially if your account and password are leaked, please contact Bitlim Customer Service immediately so that Bitlim can take appropriate actions.

8. Minors and Other Special Precautions

If you are not a natural person with full civil rights and full civil capacity, you are not entitled to use the Bitlim Service regardless of whether your guardian will agree to or subsequently confirm your behavior. Therefore, Bitlim wishes you not to provide us with any personal information. If you have provided any personal information to us, said information will not be protected by this Privacy Policy, and we will delete it as soon as possible.

9. General Provisions

The definitions of the terms used in this Privacy Policy are subject to the Bitlim Service Agreement. The outstanding matters of this Privacy Policy shall be governed by the provisions of the Bitlim Service Agreement. Regarding user privacy protection, if this Privacy Policy is in conflict or inconsistent with the Bitlim Service Agreement, this Privacy Policy shall prevail.